China is now entering the recovery phase of post-COVID-19 life, while carefully managing the risk of a “second wave”.


  • On 27 April, the schools in Beijing started to reopen. Other cities and provinces have announced the dates for reopening schools too.
  • While new cases still reported, the government is still carefully managing the situation by announcing measures to prevent the second wave of infections. In Beijing, the local authority has announced new regulations that would come into force on 1 June to require public to practice good hygiene practice, and to require restaurants to provide serving utensils to avoid sharing contact.


While the pandemic caused by COVID-19, the key trends that are expected to changed and worth to be monitored post outbreak in China, including

  • Consumer consumption behaviour (alternative protein, healthier food, home cooking)
  • Consumer shopping behaviour (eCommerce)
  • Further development in strengthening food supply chain (automation and infrastructure establishment)
  • Stricter food safety requirements to be enforced