Reopening cinemas in low-risk areas.
Starting from 20 July, cinemas in low-risk areas will be allowed to resume operation. The operation will be governed by the issued guidelines. However, cinemas in medium and high risk areas (Beijing) will remain closed. Cinemas were allowed to reopen at the end of March, however, the authority had announced the closure again one week after the reopen to prevent further spread of COVID-19.
The China’s General Administration of Customs (GACC) continues to strengthen efforts in controlling imported food products.
On 10 July, the China’s General Administration of Customs (GACC) reported that the packagings and containers of imported shrimp have been tested positive for COVID-19. The Director of the Food Import and Export Safety Bureau in the Customs Department shared that the test result does not mean the virus is contagious, however, it indicates the loopholes of company's food safety management. Moving forward, the GACC will continue to strengthen the control of origins of imported cold-chain products. The industry shall continue to monitor the progress of the issue development.
Tightened controls implemented on imported food as the second wave emerged at wholesale market in Beijing.
  • On 18 June, the General Administration of Customs China (GACC) reported that the inspection of COVID-19 has been conducted on the imported products , including seafood, meat, frozen vegetables, temperature-controlled industrial products and all were tested negative. Moving forward, the GACC will continue its efforts in risk assessment and analysis to maintain food safety of imported foods.
  • It was reported that some food exporters have been informed to declare that their products are not contaminated by COVID-19. This declaration requirement is expected to bring challenges to the food exporters and they are advised to actively monitor the progress of the issue development and comply with the mandatory requirements.
  • In addition, the GACC has decided to temporarily halt the importation of a few products, including poultry products from a UK- and US- based meat processors and imported products from a Brazilian beef exporter 4. It was reported that these establishments have been hit by COVID-19.
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