The government strengthened various controls on imported cold-chain food products.



  • Following the virus has been found on the packaging of imported frozen food, the local governments continue to strengthen controls and measures on imported cold-chain food products. Several controls which have been announced, including
    • In Beijing, starting from November, all imported cold-storage meat and aquatic products which sold in the market will be traceable. Business will be requested to upload the information of their products, including its’ origin and flow to the government platform in enabling traceability of the products.
    • In the Chinese city of Qingdao, the local government has introduced measures to strengthen the controls for imported cold-chain products through three aspects, including COVID-19 testing for products and workers (COVID-19 testing will be applied to each imported cold-chain product and workers who have direct contact with imported cold-chain food), business reporting to provincial/local State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) 24 hours before the products arrive at the city as well as the enhancement in prevention and traceability management plan for these imported cold-chain products.
    • On 16 October, the department of Food Safety Standards and Monitoring & Evaluation has released the Coronovirus Prevention Technical Guidance for Cold-Chain Food Product Manufacturing and Operating Activities. The Guidance aims to provide advices to the operators who involved in the cold-chain food product manufacturing activities, including production, loading & unloading, transportation, storage, sales and catering services. In addition, the guidance also provides suggestions on actions to be carried out under the emergency situation when a worker is reported to be positive for COVID-19.
  • The industry should continue to monitor the developments of the issue and comply with the relevant requirements when needed.