China Guangzhou tightens control measures.


  • On 6 June 2021, in Guangzhou, the authority has imposed tighter control measures against the pandemic. The enforced measures include but not limited to
    • Strict travel restrictions; People would not be able to leave Guangzhou unless they present a negative nucleic acid test within 48 hours.
    • Strict traffic prevention and control; Controls at traffic stations will be strengthened to avoid crowds, inspect passenger information, etc.
    • Strict isolation control where individuals who subject to quarantine shall abide by the relevant quarantine requirements and cooperate with the local authority for the relevant health monitoring works.
    • Strict information reporting; People who live in the medium and high-risk areas shall report their individual health information to the authority, monitor personal health, carry out nucleic acid test on the same day if their health code turns yellow, etc.
    • Strictly cooperate with the nucleic acid testing where residents are requested to cooperate with the mass nucleic acid testing.
    • Strictly control on catering where residents are encouraged to order foods using takeaways and delivery.
    • Strictly control gathering activities where meetings, trainings and events are encouraged to be conducted online.
    • Lockdown will be imposed to medium to high-risk areas.
    • Residents shall continue adhere the personal health measures and monitor their health status.
  •  More details can be found in the notice (in Mandarin language) posted by the Guangzhou municipal government.