China announced no more high risk areas.


  • On 1 September 2021, China recorded:
    • 0 high-risk areas and 11 medium-risk areas (4 areas in Shanghai, 3 areas in Jiangsu, 3 areas in Yunnan, and 1 area in Hubei);
    • 13 new asymptomatic infections (all imported cases from abroad);
    • 436 cases of asymptomatic infection are still under medical observation (380 imported from abroad).
  •  Meanwhile, the authority has recommended the three groups of people which can have the booster shots. The three groups of people include:
    • Individuals who work at high risk places, such as customs, border control and inspections, medical isolated sites, designated medical institutions;
    • Individuals with low immunity and people above 60 years old;
    • Individuals who need to work or study overseas.