The Government started fourth phase of de-escalation plan.
Several businesses and activities are permitted to operate at full capacity (elevation of activities from Operation Readiness Level 3 to Level 4), including eateries, markets, schools, education institutions, sport facilities.
  • Guidelines for mass gatherings have been relaxed and the new measures allow up to 100 people with events limited to two hours.
  • The capacity for other facilities will be increased progressively.
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    The Ministry of Health announced further reduction of the social distancing measures.
    Additional social distancing reduction measures include the following:
  • Several activities were escalated from Level 1 to Level 2, such as restaurants, cafe and food courts, markets, driving schools, indoor and outdoor sports facilities, gyms and fitness centres, mosques, surau and musallas (balai ibadat).
  • Restaurants, cafe and food courts are allowed to operate at 60% of the normal capacity at any one time, whereas food stalls and markets that offer dine-in facilities are allowed to be open at 75% of the normal dine-in capacity at any one time.
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    The Ministry of Health announced additional reduction of social distancing measures.
    Social distancing reduction measures include the following:
  • From 5 June onwards, tuition schools and music schools are allowed to open but limited to one-on-one classes.
  • Owners of premises are required to comply with the following measures which are similarly required of businesses that have resumed operations, such as attaching BruHealth QR Code at the entrance area of the premise, conduct body temperature checks on all customers at the entrance and ensure the customers obey the guidelines on social distancing.
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