The Government lifted COVID-19 restrictions by reducing social distancing measures in phases and putting in place conditions to be complied with.
In the first phase, social distancing measures will be gradually lifted for premises such as driving schools, sports facilities, food courts, stalls and markets. The number of people that are allowed at one time will be limited and this will be monitored through mobile application.
Businesses that wish to reopen are required to register and apply for permission and the operation capacity at one time is capped at 30 percent of their normal capacity.
  • Business premises are to apply for QR code and limit the entry to 30% of the capacity only. Customers are to scan the QR code at the entrance (Green/Yellow - allowed to enter; Red/Blue/Purple - not allowed to enter)
  • All food premises, e.g. restaurants, cafe, food courts, food stalls (excluding buffet) are allowed to open for dine in service with 30% capacity and conditions such as temperature taking at the entrance and advance booking by the customers.
  • 29
    The Ministry of Health reported no new cases of COVID-19 infection and marked the tenth consecutive day without new cases since 19 April.
    The Ministry of Finance and Economy announced additional measures to aid businesses in all sectors, including individuals who are self-employed.
    An additional economic relief package was introduced on 1 April which amounted to approximately BND250 million in the form of deferment of principal or loan repayment and exemption of fees and charges.
    This measure, combined with previously announced fiscal assistance brought the total to BND450million.
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