Mandatory COVID-19 vaccination for outbound travellers from 1 August 2021 onwards.


  • From 1 August onwards, all outbound travellers will be required to obtain mandatory COVID-19 vaccination as announced by Brunei’s Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) on 1 June.
  • This additional condition applies to:
    • Citizens and residents working overseas;
    • Transport operators, foreign workers returning to their country of origin for mandatory contract leave and coming back to Brunei (on a valid employment pass or dependent’s pass);
    • Anyone exiting the country for business and other essential travels.
  •  Outbound travellers are reminded that their exit-travel applications are subject to evaluation and approval from the PMO, and will not be granted automatically.
  • Inbound travellers returning to Brunei from foreign airports will still be subject to mandatory self-isolation at hotel accommodation for a certain timeframe, depending on Brunei’s Ministry of Health (MOH)’s risk assessment.