Government extended national semi-lockdown measures until 3 October 2021.


  • As of 2 September 2021, Brunei’s Ministry of Health extended lockdown measures for another month as the COVID-19 cases continue to spike while vaccine stockpiles reduce rapidly.
  • The Health Ministry suspended the first dose administration due to the supply of COVID-19 vaccine that has reduced rapidly and unexpectedly, while awaiting for new batch of vaccines to be delivered from China.
  • Besides the closure of religious places, schools have switched to online learning. No dine-in is allowed for restaurants, and indoor and outdoor sports facilities, leisure centres and cinemas are closed. Most of the mass gatherings is banned, and all non-essential sector workers are required to work-from-home and all residents are barred from leaving their houses without any important reason.
  • From 6 September onwards, COVID-19 patients who have recovered 14 days after their diagnosis will no longer be required to undergo home isolation.