Bangladesh extended lockdown.


  • On 5 July 2021, Bangladesh extended the country’s lockdown from 7 July till 14 July, and all previous instructions and restrictions will remain effective during this period. Some of these restrictions include:
    • No individual will be allowed to leave their home unless for emergency reasons;
    • Suspension of public transport;
    • Government and private offices will remain closed;
    • Shops selling necessities are permitted to open.
  •  Export-oriented factories and banks are likely to be exempted from these restrictions, but will have to operate on a limited scale.
  • On 3 July 2021, Bangladesh commenced the registration process of Bangladeshi expatriates to get vaccinated on a priority basis via the Bureau of Manpower Employment and Training (BMET).
    • Expatriates who have yet to register with BMET will have to register themselves on the BMET database using a valid passport. After which, they will be eligible to register for vaccination via Surokkha app (subject to being launched).
    • After registering in the Surokkha app, the date and place of vaccination will be sent to the person via SMS.
  •  On 28 June 2021, Bangladesh extended the border closure with India until 14 July, but cargoes carrying goods will be permitted to operate as usual.